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Gola Taraschi-Carr


Gola Taraschi-Carr is a self-described restorative practitioner with over twenty years of experience in the direct service delivery of restorative approaches and practices in diverse contexts: criminal justice, community-based services, child welfare settings, schools and post secondary environments, political governance, health sectors, and both private and not for profit workplace settings. Gola led the development of the Best Practice Standard for the Restorative Justice Program of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice and has participated in a number of innovative initiatives such as the development of restorative approaches in closed custody facilities, therapeutic court environments, group home settings for youth, neighbourhood circle projects, and community conversation processes related to renewable energy initiatives. Currently, Gola is focusing on the use and application of restorative processes in Human Rights and Equity matters and is thinking deeply about systemic discrimination, safety, intersectionality and the critical need for a victim and survivor centered and trauma informed approach in cases of sexual violence. Gola is a co-founder of Atlantic Restorative Company ( and is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.