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Jo McGuinness

Joanna McGuinness


Jo has over 16 years of experience in the sector, starting as Community Fundraiser for CRUK and has since been a recruiting manager at CRUK, Muscular Dystrophy UK, Stroke Association, Royal Free Charity and now in position at Head of Communities, Philanthropy & Partnerships at Children 1st.

Jo is passionate about ethical recruitment practise that supports both candidate and organisation. She has brought in a new process for fundraising recruitment at Children 1st, and in 2021 successfully recruited 7 new starters in one go into the organisation despite the challenges seen by many across the sector. Since then, recruitment into the Fundraising team has continued to see successes proving that the changes made work.

Jo is also admin for the Facebook group Fundraising Chat and has recently joined the committee for the CIoF Scottish Conference.