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Judith Sabah

Judith Sabah


Judith Sabah is a qualified coach and helps women to step into their purpose and find their light within, by nurturing their self-esteem, confidence and mindset in order to unleash their potential and become their most successful self, not only in their personal life but in their professional life too. Judith is a motivational speaker, practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), writer, masterclass and workshop creator, who passionately encourages individual greatness.

Judith has had a successful career for over 21 years as a Marketing and Communications professional, climbing to director level. However during this time Judith experienced self-belief and confidence challenges. She noticed that she wasn't alone and other women were in fact going through the same journey and she found that she was able to help women overcome and successfully break-through their fears.

The success of this over the last 10 years has led her to now coach and mentor women from all walks of life to unleash the greatness within themselves.

Judith has known and worked with women of all ethnicities and backgrounds who struggle to see the greatness in themselves, who are scared to believe in their dreams, or simply don’t know how to take the steps needed to achieve their goals. Through her work, she helps women to think clearly and calmly about how to move forwards with confidence.

A charismatic speaker, Judith has also been successful in designing and delivering masterclasses, talks, workshops and articles for organisations and membership groups including, Fundraising Everywhere, The Chartered Institute of Fundraising, Charity Comms,, The Lucidity Network, The Charity Event Specialists and The PA Club.