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Ken Burnett


Ken Burnett is an author, lecturer and consultant on fundraising, marketing and communications for nonprofit organisations worldwide. Ken has served on several non-profit boards including 13 years as a trustee of the international anti-poverty NGO ActionAid, ultimately as an independent trustee of ActionAid International, of which he is a founding board member. Ken is a fellow of the Institute of Fundraising and an honorary fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing. In a poll of readers of the UK magazine Fundraising in July 2011 Ken Burnett was voted to be the most influential individual in British fundraising. Towards the end of 2013 he was appointed to the Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing, as a commissioner. When not travelling on behalf of clients or giving seminars Ken spends his time between London and rural Suffolk, where he’s discovered a new love of writing, directing and acting in amateur village plays.




This session is divided in to 4 parts:
  1. What’s so great about fundraising? And why does it need to change?
  2. The inspiration business.
  3. Two case histories: the best of the best.
  4. The big issues. And, a bright future?



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