Fundraising Objects

Kimberley Blease


To Blakely, I bring vision and leadership to the position I currently hold, based on my 30 + year background in business and not-for-profit. Marketing, direct response and customer service management brought me into the not-for-profit world, where I discovered my true passion: fundraising. I have extensive experience in facilitating cause-related marketing campaigns, annual programs, mid-value giving & integrated communications that have resulted in highly successful fundraising programs for multiple organizations. I have a specialization in the area of health care and mid-value giving and I lead the Legacy marketing team for Blakely.
I am passionate about mid-level donors and I facilitate the strategic delivery of the Blakely UPLIFT programs for the development of high value donor relationships, in conjunction with BlueFrog Fundraising in the U.K. I believe in the donor journey as a framework for all we do. I am an active member of AFP, AHP and CAGP and am a frequent speaker at conferences because I love to share with others what makes this industry great and how they can use what we have learned in their own programs. We are all on a journey - i'm curious - where are you headed?