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Kiz Crosbie

Kiz Crosbie


Kiz founded Mortal Fools - a theatre, drama and creative learning charity - in 2012. Based in NE England, it specialises in using drama and theatre to support children and young people to have better quality interpersonal relationships - a foundation for wellbeing and for cultivating a more positive and fulfilling future for themselves.

Mortal Fools has four core values:

  • Contributing
  • Growing
  • With Others
  • As Ourselves

They have developed a unique delivery practice which combines approaches from performing arts with research, theory and practice from the social sciences.

It uses participation in co-created arts (like plays, spoken word, audio theatre) as the mechanism to build personal skills like managing fear, public speaking, creativity and innovation and relational skills like empathy, collaboration and kindness.

They won Small Charity of the Year in the 2018 NE Charity Awards, have won awards for their youth leadership and cultural programmes with children and young people.

Kiz is a bold, brave, generous and compassionate leader whose personal passion is creating and holding space for others to develop.