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Manj Pabla

Manj Pabla


I'm Manj, your seasoned guide to help you turn your business dreams into reality. If you've been sitting on a brilliant business idea, pondering your side hustle's potential, or yearning to break free from the 9-to-5 grind, fear not!

I specialise in Business Life Coaching, and I'm here to be your guiding light. With over two decades of experience and a treasure trove of personal resilience, I'm ready to be your partner in transformation, both personally and professionally.

Over nearly two decades in the charity sector, I dedicated myself to making a meaningful impact. Along the way, I found deep fulfillment and achieved significant milestones. I played a pivotal role in helping charities grow financially and diversify their portfolios. I had the privilege of coaching, managing, and mentoring individuals, nurturing their growth and guiding them on their own remarkable journeys. I achieved remarkable growth in my career within the charity sector, leading high-performing teams and spearheading fundraising efforts that yielded an impressive £4 million.