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Martha Merrell

Martha Merrell


Martha’s formal training in Psychology and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, along with her various roles in Social Care settings have very much crafted her passion and championship for Wellbeing. Music and creativity are her driving forces. She has previously used these in her volunteering work to support Music Therapy services for Refugees, and now in her day to day work as a Fundraising Operations Trainer. She has Dyslexia and adopts creative methods to make learning for herself and others more inclusive. Her current focus is to try and shine a little light when things seem dark, particularly for her fellow Fundraising colleagues at the British Red Cross.

Talking about mental health and wellbeing can often feel like a vulnerable space, but Martha is not afraid to be open and honest about her own experiences; to lead on important conversations about how people really are, and support others to identify what their needs are. She hopes that this will give others the confidence to do the same and ultimately build a more sustainable and healthy culture for their own workforces.

She has a niche appreciation for the BBC News Theme Club Remix - it brings her motivation to do the things she doesn’t necessarily want to, especially during lockdowns, you’re welcome for the tip!