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Maurice Bessman

Maurice Bessman


Maurice is an award winning playwright and screenwriter. He began writing scripts for BBC Radio then moved to television where he wrote, among others shows, scripts for BROOKSIDE, CASUALTY, HOLBY CITY.

He co-founded Liverpool’s first black theatre company NYEUSI and his debut play, CLEO, won an award for Best Newcomer to Stage. Other works for Nyeusi include THAT GOLDEN MOMENT, GREEN and DRUMS OF ANFIELD.

He has written plays for youth theatre including BADFELLAS; LIES, LOVE AND LIMBO; DREAM TEAM and DANDARA. He teamed up with the Olivier award-winning writer, Marie Jones, to co-write LIVERPOOL BOAT set in Belfast and Liverpool.

His stage work also includes CAPTAIN OF ENGLAND, the stage adaptation of A LITTLE PINCH OF CHILLI, GREENJACKETS, TERRIORS; EVE’S STORY and an up the minute rewrite and reworking of John Godber’s BOUNCERS featuring a diverse cast with the new Black theatre company BOISTEROUS.

He has written three short films PEZ, SENSELESS and OMAR. His new screenplays include the optioned feature length AMBROSE RILEY’S ODYSSEY and he is working with the South African director Zola Maseko on the feature film TIGER, a biopic of the World Middleweight boxer Dick Tiger.