Video is the most powerful and effective way to drive engagement online. While Zoom and other programs like it are nice, asynchronous video holds the key to successful communication for organizations, especially at this critical time.

Traditional video is top-down. Gather Voices is different. My passion for it begins with its name. Whether for associations, hospitals, marketing agencies or other businesses, it gathers the authentic, compelling voices of people speaking from the heart.

Three forces for understanding and improving the world - technology, trust and video -led me to found Gather Voices, my fourth business venture, a company with a product dedicated to meeting the growing demand for video simply and with professional results.

I started my career as a political consultant and nonprofit fundraiser. I then spent six years in venture capital, specializing in internet start-ups and began See3 Communications, a digital marketing agency focused on social good. Today, in addition to leading Gather Voices, I teach marketing at the University of Chicago.

Broadband changed the internet. Well-crafted video became key to engaging members, donors, employees, customers, and other constituents. Internal marketing departments, agile in every other format, had to go outside for video, costly, time-consuming and unequal to massive video needs on websites and in social media. At the same time, improvements in cell phone technology put sophisticated cameras in our pockets.

Gather Voices makes it effortless to increase video dramatically by empowering your members, customers, and staff to make compelling videos, directed by you and owned by your organization, using our intuitive set of software solutions that automate the creation, management and publishing of video - plugging seamlessly into existing technology.

It goes places a camera crew cannot reach. During COVID it became the driver for transforming conferences into successful online events, and now is playing a central role in in-person and hybrid events. We’re excited to be leaders in this continuing digital transformation of online engagement.

If you care about online engagement and you know that video content is a key ingredient, let's connect and see how these new tools might work for your organization.