Raabia joined Charity Digital around 11 years ago, in one of its earlier incarnations as CTT. Since then, Raabia has worked across a range of programmes, from grantmaking programmes to Charity Digital’s flagship charity tech donation programme, the only one of its kind in the UK. Her work involves validating organisations within the UK and overseas for programmes from Microsoft, Google, Facebook and numerous others. You can find an extensive list on our website! Raabia has contributed to the dynamic, informative content created by CD by writing articles, working on podcasts and webinars helping charities navigate tech to make the most of digital for their organisations.




If COVID-19 has taught charities anything, it’s that the ability to act fast and adapt to changing circumstances is key to the sector’s resilience. There’s no doubt that digital has played a main role. But when you’re on a budget, it can be hard to know what resources to invest your time and money into. The good news is, sometimes you don’t always need to invest either of these to get the best results. In this session, Charity Digital will take you through their top tips and tricks for rapid resilience on a budget. Join three members of their team who will take you through the three main areas you need to know about: social media, virtual events and the best platforms and tools. You’ll learn:
  • How you can make the tech work for you
  • What you need to run virtual events quickly and on a budget
  • Using paid advertising on a budget
  • The quick wins you can achieve on social media
  • Segmenting your email marketing
  • Platform recommendations and advice



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