Saba is the Managing Director of The Advocacy Academy, a youth movement working to unleash the power of young people to create a more fair, just, and equal world. She has eight years of experience as a management consultant, including four years at the aviation and aerospace consulting firm – Seabury Group.

Saba is also one of the founding organisers of #CharitySoWhite, founder of a network for WOC in Impact Leadership, Treasurer of CitizensUK, and Governor of the Belham. She has an MBA from Wharton Business School, and a MSci in Mathematics from Imperial College London.




Saba Shafi’s session at #BAMEOnline had us all in tears and struck a chord with so many Womxn of Colour who have been told by their internal voice that they aren’t good enough. Saba reminded us that sometimes it is not just the voice inside your head – it is the internalisation of racism and sexism colliding. Saba and Martha are two of the most badass womxn in the charity sector with incredible achievements under both their belts from #BAMEOnline to #BossingIt, from #CharitySoWhite to raising millions of pounds between them. Yet as they grew have grown professionally and personally, so too has the voice inside their heads that tells them that they don’t deserve this. And we really need to talk about it. Saba and Martha will finally come together for the second #BAMEOnline Spotlight to have an honest conversation about Imposter Syndrome, how it has affected them in their lives and careers and how they have used the personal, political and professional to separate that voice in their heads from the voice of their oppressors.



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