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Shavonn Richardson


Shavonn helps nonprofits transform their grant seeking strategy and win grants. As a fresh voice in grant writing, she injects a dynamic blend of funder experience, business savvy, and a family legacy of service into the grant professionals industry. As Founder and CEO of Think and Ink Grant Consulting ™, Shavonn specializes in supporting nonprofits focused on women, children, health, and education. Shavonn and her team have over 50 years of combined experience in grant research, grant writing, nonprofit consulting, grant management, and grant evaluation services. Her clients include universities, health care organizations, and large 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations across the country. Shavonn has helped clients deploy over $25 million in funding. In her prior role as a Corporate Social Responsibility Project Manager at Bank of America, Shavonn helped distribute $1.2 million in funding to Atlanta nonprofits. She has reviewed countless applications forming an up close and personal view of best practices -- and common pitfalls -- that nonprofits make when applying for funding. Shavonn regularly publishes on LinkedIn and is a thought leader in the Forbes Business Council. She engages her followers through her YouTube channel and blog topics like "Why are Logic Models Important?" and "5 Questions Every Funder Will Ask on an Application". She gives back by supporting emerging nonprofits in her Get.Grants.Better.® Facebook Group. Not only does she talk the talk as an industry advisor, Shavonn walks the walk as a nonprofit leader. In 2014, Shavonn and her mother, Valerie Crawford-Schiele, co-founded the nonprofit Blue Flowers Org to empower women and the men in their lives against prostate cancer. In this role, Shavonn established a track record of winning 100% of grants applied for. Shavonn traces her passion for nonprofits back four generations. Her maternal great-grandmother was a leader in the Negro Actors Guild during the Harlem Renaissance. Her paternal great-grandmother served as the first female president of the Marcus Garvey Club.

She holds a BBA from Howard University and an MBA from Emory University. She is a member of the Grant Professionals Association. Shavonn is one of less than 400 grant professionals nationwide to earn the prestigious GPC (Grant Professional Certified) credential.

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Trust fundraisers: it’s time to be bold!

The world is going hell in a handcart and Trust Fundraisers are going to have a massive part to play in clearing up the mess. But our role can sometimes feel like the fundraising poor relation when it comes to training, support and understanding.

In 2020 Apollo Fundraising and Fundraising Everywhere brought you the first international conference dedicated to Trust Fundraising. Featuring sessions from trust fundraisers and funders from around the world, our aim is to give you the skills, inspiration and confidence to be bold in the way we respond to the current challenges.

You can get instant access to all of the event’s session recordings with one ticket. Buy access now and you’ll get the following sessions:
  • Applying Behavioural Science Richard Shotton
  • Prospect Research – tracking and tracing opportunities in a COVID era Julie Wood
  • Managing Relationships when things go wrong Jennifer Ruthe
  • Using Logic Models to write better proposals Shavonn Richardson
  • Not just a tick box: Bringing evaluation reports to life Dr Adrian Field and Anne Bateman
  • Agile Project Management for Fundraisers Diane Leonard
  • Building Successful Long Term, Long Distance Relationships with Foundations Anna Ferron Brooker
  • How to measure and communicate success in trust fundraising Chupa Phiri
  • Stewardship for the self through proper target setting Caroline Danks
  • Bringing your whole self to work: or 13 things trusts fundraising and stand-up comedy have in common Matt Zeqiri
  • Power to the People: How to Create An Inclusive Grantseeking Strategy Lesa-Kaye Holtham
  • Never More Needed: Confidence and Resilience in Trust Fundraising Julia Ammon
  • How to build relationships with different types of foundations Deanna Wolf
  • Bridging the gap between fundraising and finance Melanie Jackson and Brenda Swale
  • Ethics Bingo Kimberly Hays de Muga and Amanda Day
  • How to become a trustee of a grant-giving foundation Laura Solomons
  • An Introduction to Ethical Storytelling Rachel Goble, Emily Worrall and Genelle Aldred
  • Lessons and Reflections from the Fundraising Everywhere Foundation’s first funding round Marina Jones, Laura Solomons and David Burgess
  • Whose Job Is It To Address the Power Imbalance Between Grant-makers and Grant-seekers? Mickella Lewis-Purvis, Roxanne Nazir, Sunny Daly and Rajiv Khanna



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