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Suhailah Waheed

Suhailah Waheed


My name is Suhailah and my experience as an African-American Muslim, from one of the greatest cities on earth, Durham, NC, is what lead to my passion for supporting my community in the most efficient way I can, through funding.

Every day I use my fundraising skills to create and enhance strategy, operational and development processes to provide support in strategic fundraising opportunities for philanthropic institutions.

Through my own agency, Giving Geeks, I share this passion for development and philanthropy by helping nonprofits connect with more donors.

My work process is designed to provide distinguished support to empower your team.​

Ethical fundraising that is centered around the specific needs of the communities we serve is what drives my work.

Recognizing and endorsing the power of community-led organizations is extremely important, especially in the effort to provide thoughtful solutions that affect the BIPOC community.

As a fundraiser, I have the privilege of sharing some of the most important missions and messages, and in order to be successful, I must always make room for voices that are not being recognized.

This work, cannot be done without showing gratitude to every changemaker that came before us and to all the social justice fighters in front of us.

Thank you for doing your part to make this world a better place for all of us. ✊🏾 ✊🏾 ✊🏾 


May 13, 2021

80.00 55.00

80.00 55.00

May 13th, 2021 2pm – 6pm BST | 9am -1pm EST Your donors are talking to you, do you hear what they’re saying? If fundraising is about relationships, then data is the way donors communicate back to us – who they are, what they value, and how they see themselves as part of your org’s mission. On May 13 fundraisers the world over are coming together for a Data Slam! Remember Poetry Slams? Loud, lively, fun events that moved poetry into the world of every day. That’s what we’re going to do with fundraising data. Whether you’re a frontline fundraiser looking to learn more from what donors are telling us or a tech-savvy, all-things-data Excel jockey, we’ve got a session for you! The Connection Economy is powered by data. Join us on May 13 at Data Slam 2021 to rev up your fundraising. You should attend this event if:
  • You’re responsible for creating and implementing fundraising strategies, campaigns or events
  • You’re a fundraiser with targets to reach
  • You’re a fundraising leader looking to work smarter, not harde
Hosted in partnership between Fundraising Everywhere and Sam Laprade CFRE and T. Clay Buck CFRE. Book your early bird place today. If you’re a Fundraising Everywhere Member there’s no need to register. The event will be subtitled and recorded for you to watch back at any time for 30 days post-event. Please let us know if you need additional accessibility support by contacting [email protected] before May 5th.
Speakers are added to the event at the time of uploading their session details and are updated continuously. This event achieves the goals set out in our EDI commitment.



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