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Tree Hall


Finding out that she is AuDHD (autistic and ADHD) at 47 changed the way that Tree viewed herself and her place in the world. Armed with this new understanding, she began therapy to unpick years of masking and give herself permission to be her authentic AuDHD self.

Tree uses her lived-experience to help foster greater understanding and inclusivity of neurodivergence, helping to make the workplace an accessible space where neurodivergent colleagues can thrive alongside their neurotypical peers.

After 16 years as a highly successful fundraiser and marketeer, Tree took a career break after having children and established herself as an Ofsted registered childminder. Finding out that both of her children are neurodivergent was the catalyst for seeking her own diagnoses.

Tree uses her first-hand experience of navigating the challenges that education, healthcare and life present for neurodivergent children, and her own experiences as an AuDHD adult, to inform her advocacy and training.

She now balances her work as a neurodivergent advocate and trainer, with her role as CEO of Charity IT Leaders, and family life with two children, her husband and two cats.


Wednesday 25th September @ 12:00

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