Posted: August 8, 2021

If you believe that the heart and soul of fundraising is connecting donors who want to help with charities like yours that are working to solve urgent, but fixable, problems… you’re an Agent of Good, too.

Why AOG?

It would be easy to pat ourselves on the back and tell you how good we are. We do have a long track record of effective and creative appeals, and rave reviews for various speaking gigs around the world.

If you spend a few minutes on Google, you’ll find us featured or mentioned in many blogs, articles, case studies and in other people’s sessions. But we’re not resting on our laurels — there’s still so much more important and impactful work to do!

Our work

We have the good fortune to collaborate with hundreds of charities around the world to produce effective, meaningful and sector-changing work. Our work is showcased in blogs, articles and presentations from around the world as top-notch examples of attention-grabbing and effective fundraising.

We work with our clients to craft creative, inspiring, noticeable, meaningful and EFFECTIVE campaigns. Because if it doesn't get results, then it doesn't matter!

Let's talk about how together we can make your donor communications and direct response campaigns inspire more people to take action and help you in your mission.