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Written by Mandi Hine

Why Members March?

What is Members March, and why should you get involved?
After all, you’re already super slammed, pulled in multiple directions and wondering why (or how) you should try and make time for one more thing.

I hope my 5 top reasons to embrace Members March will convince you that getting involved will actually make your life a little easier.

But, the first thing I need to tell you is;

It's all about you, (it's all about you)
It's all about you baby, (it's all about)
It's all about you, (it's all about you)
It's all about you...

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself (and I do love a bit of McFly). But really, this is a month dedicated to our brilliant Members to support your 2022 goals.

This month we're hosting special events exclusively for our members including goal-setting, catching up on content, and speaking with our expert guests in one-on-one consultancy calls.

Let's dive in...

1. You'll gain clarity on your goals, and how to get there

Whether they’re big life-changing goals or smaller feats, we all have goals we want to achieve. However, we don’t always make time to really consider how we’ll get there, or why we need to.

Join us each Monday where we'll support you to set your goals and intentions for the week, month, and even the year ahead. Our expert team will share advice and insights from their combined 50+ years of fundraising experience, plus signpost to existing and upcoming Fundraising Everywhere events that are available to help you achieve your goals.

2. We'll help you hold yourself accountable

Want to prioritise your professional development but struggle to find the time? Have a lot of on demand sessions to catch up on but don’t know where to start? I totally get it.

Join me, at our weekly watch parties of the top-rated Fundraising Everywhere sessions. Each week is themed so you can choose the day(s) that fit with your goals. You can watch your session with the group or choose from our hand-picked selection. We'll discuss learnings together with one another.

Upcoming themes

14-18 March: Community and events
21- 25 March: Marketing and social media
28-31 March: Digital

3. You'll get expert coaching with our sector's best

Got a burning fundraising question you’ve always wanted to ask, or a big challenge to overcome? Book a 30-minute expert coaching session.

Each week we will be bringing you one of our handpicked experts to offer one to one coaching sessions on a range of subjects – from strategy to wellbeing, digital and community.

Upcoming coaching sessions

5. It’s included in your membership, so there's nothing extra to pay!

All of the above is included in your current membership. So, what are you waiting for? You can take advantage of as much or as little of the content as you wish.

Reserve your place at all our Members March events via the Members Room on your account.

Not a member yet? Don’t worry, you can join today and get instant access to all of the above plus all our other amazing member benefits. Use promo code MEMBERMARCH to get one month free membership and get stuck in right away.

Read more about Members March.

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