Webinar: AI Petting Zoon with Cherian Koshy

AI Petting Zoo

Tuesday 9th July @


Live webinar: 9th July 2024, 12pm BST

Do you see Artificial Intelligence as a tool to take your fundraising to the next level?

Or are you worried AI could take your job?

In this session. Cherian Koshy will put your mind at ease and show you what AI really is (also, what it’s not).

And in a hands-on experience you’ll never forget, you’ll get a chance to feed ChatGPT, take a ride on Google’s Bard, and toss a ball to DALL-E.

You’ll learn how to leverage AI to create compelling fundraising campaigns, without letting it muck things up. And you’ll walk away with ideas you can implement right away.

Whether you think AI is ‘The Answer’ or you think it will steal your job AND your beloved pet, this session is for you!

Key learnings from this webinar:

  • Comprehend AI’s Emerging Role: Gain insights into how AI is revolutionizing philanthropy, from donor engagement to operational efficiency.
  • Ethical Considerations: Understand the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities that come with integrating AI in philanthropy, ensuring a responsible approach to technology adoption.
  • Hands-On AI Experience: Interact with various AI tools at our “Robot Petting Zoo”, gaining practical knowledge of their capabilities and applications in real-world nonprofit scenarios.
  • Balanced Perspective on AI: Discuss the potential risks and rewards of AI in philanthropy, fostering an informed, balanced view of its integration.


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