Building an organisation to attract and retain supporters with a Mobilisation Model


It’s fair to say that the last two years have been turbulent. COVID-19 had a major impact on UK fundraising as events were cancelled, legacy programmes ground to a halt and donors changed the way they supported the causes that matter to them.

As we emerge from the pandemic, the Cost of Living Crisis has enveloped the nation. Currently the future looks bleak, with almost a quarter of people saying that they will give less to charities this year (CAF UK Giving Report 2022).

With less disposable income, how can charities attract people to support them and keep supporting them as we move forward? We believe that Digital Mobilisation is the answer.

Join The Children’s Society and Engaging Networks as they present insight and case studies showing the power of Digital Mobilisation; growing lists, attracting gifts and delivering campaigning success. Find out how Save The Children have changed their structure to support this way of working; breaking down silos and collaborating across teams to support each-other’s goals.

You’ll come away armed with the kinds of evidence, insight and practical tips you’ll need to launch a similar model at your organisation – connecting your supporters with your vision and mission and growing your database to help support your fundraising and campaigning teams as we move forward into uncertain times.

Key learnings from this session:

  • A mobilisation model can deliver positive ROI’s from your supporter base online
  • People who take Campaigning Actions are warm prospects for fundraising – and vice-versa!
  • Campaigners like to share their activity on social media, helping grow your list, generate new campaigners and new fundraising prospects.
  • Designing your teams around this model empowers your team to understand your supporters and what inspires them to take action


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