Disruptor Wellbeing: are you ready?


The raison-d’etre of this entire summit is to ask big questions of those of us in the Arts, Culture and Heritage Sectors’ so that in turn, we can go and ask big questions of ourselves and our organisations. But are we ready to do that? Do we have the mental, emotional and physical capacity to do that and to do it well? The last 18 months has taken a huge toll on what was already a very passionate, committed and overworked sector.

In order to do our best disrupting in the coming weeks and months, we need to be at our best ourselves. This session will look at what being at that best entails: how to know when we’ve taken on or are nearing taking on too much; what the basics of self care are and how they are in fact essential to our best, not a distraction from it; and will ask delegates to consider what are the ingredients of YOUR balanced disrupter wellbeing-filled life, and how can you prioritise and achieve them.


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