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Gifts in wills are often a charity’s’ biggest source of voluntary income or their biggest income growth opportunity.

Despite this, (legacy) fundraisers are often frustrated by a perceived lack of focus on legacies or colleagues’ reticence to promote gifts in wills.

Having served as legacy fundraiser and subsequently, a director of fundraising in both large and less large organisations, Alex has seen both sides of the coin.

In this session, he will use this experience to explore how legacy fundraisers can go from ‘being right about legacies’ to ‘legacies being right at the heart’ of the charity’s communications.

Key learnings from this session:

  • Understanding your colleagues’ motivations can be as impactful as understanding donors motivations.
  • Identify allies and what will inspire them.
  • Consider and, wherever possible, measure the indirect impact of integrated activities ensuring you don’t overclaim or underestimate the value of the latter.


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