Ethical Conversations: Why the Donor Shouldn't Always Be Right with Michelle Muri

Ethical Conversations: Why the Donor Shouldn't Always Be Right


The debates over what is ethical and what is effective rages on in our sector, with too many of us attached to a “side” and too few of us building our own analysis.

In this session for inquisitive fundraisers, we’ll explore some of the influences that have led to heightened scrutiny around philanthropic harm – from public and horrific misalignments, to our daily practices. We’ll explore five factors of how philanthropy can cause harm and touch on how the third sector came to be inequitable, and how we can explore our powerful roles as fundraisers, in changing the conversation.

In this session, you’ll

  • Examine the unintended (or intended) consequences of traditional fundraising
  • Observe the impact of these practices on communities, organizations and donors
  • Learn about the Community-Centric Fundraising Movement
  • Consider practical strategies for implementing more ethical, community centered approaches

Led by Michelle Shireen Muri, a co-founder of Community Centric Fundraising (CCF) and host of The Ethical Rainmaker podcast, this session promises to offer fresh insights and thought provoking prompts for your colleagues. Join us as we reshape the future of fundraising!


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