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Michelle Muri

Michelle Shireen Muri


Michelle Shireen Muri is a speaker, facilitator, consultant and influential figure in ethical fundraising. As the Co-Founder of Community Centric Fundraising (CCF) - a global movement engaging tens of thousands of people to transform the third sector and truly center community, Michelle is dedicated to nurturing authentic, community driven change. Bringing 20 years of experience, her recent clients have included the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Decolonizing Wealth Project and many others who want to infuse ethical values into their fundraising practice to amplify impact.

As host of The Ethical Rainmaker podcast, she sheds light on the third sector’s dark history, spotlighting problematic practices that damage our communities, shares inspirational stories of innovation to help more than 100,000 listeners develop analysis around where they can take action through these efforts.

In 2023, Michelle was invited to 61 engagements, and gave 21 keynotes in the national and international scenes. Along with speaking, fundraising consulting and podcasting, Michelle facilitates cohorts fostering deeper learning and network building. Learn more about her work here.