Events Fundraising 101 with Clare Hartley, Rebs Curtis-Moss, Tanya White, Katharine Tinker-Switzer, Alex Talcer

Events Fundraising 101: Bonus Sessions from Events Fundraising Virtual Summit 2024


These 4 bite-sized sessions are designed to provide fundraisers with essential skills for today’s world. Packed with tips to enhance your abilities and keep them up-to-date, they’ll ensure you’re well-prepared for future fundraising challenges.

Safety First – An event guide with Clare Hartley

Top tips on how to make sure that everyone attending your event is safe and has a great experience. This includes staff, volunteers, contractors, participants and spectators. Clare will discuss key learnings from her experiences at major events such as the King’s Coronation and Birmingham Commonwealth Games as well as practical tips on dynamic risk assessments and making decisions based on safety whilst on the ground.

Key learnings include:

  • Building confidence on Health and Safety requirements at an event.
  • Develop understanding of risk assessing and dynamic decision making
  • Get real life examples of safety scenarios of events and options available.

Social Media 101: Let’s Get Social with Rebs Curtis-Moss

Do you want to know how to maximise your organic social media for participant/ attendee acquisition and engagement? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this 10 minute session, you’ll learn top tips that you can take back to your desk on how to get even more fundraisers participating in your events, and how to ensure they have a fantastic supporter experience. Things that we’ll cover include:

  • User generated content
  • Community management
  • Organic content

How to develop your career as a multi-skilled fundraiser? with Tanya White & Katharine Tinker-Switzer

In this short and snappy 5-minutes, we will share insights on how having a diverse set of skills can prepare you for a fulfilling and successful career in fundraising. We’re also going to cover what essential thing you should be doing to progress to Director of Fundraising level. As fundraising recruiters who work directly with community and events fundraisers and sole fundraisers, we have a deep understanding of what clients are looking for in a CV. This snipped will be packed with valuable tips and tricks that will help you understand the necessary skills for career advancement and effectively communicate them to prospective employers. Soget ready to grab a few golden nuggets that will make you stand out to potential employers! Staring a guest appearance from Millie the Cat.

Key learnings include:

  1. The best way to strengthen your skill set before you start looking for your next role.
  2. How to make your experience stand out.
  3. How a mentor, professional development, becoming a mentee or mentor and speaking to a recruiter can support your personal development

ADHD is my superpower when it comes to work with Alex Talcer

Join me as I talk about my lived experience of getting an ADHD later in life and how it’s both challenged and improved my performance at work. I really do believe that it is the secret to some of the great things I’ve been able to achieve and why diversity of thought is so important.

For people to understand more about ADHD and how it can appear at work, how to support your colleagues and how to use your strengths and diversity to improve the way you work.


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