Feminist Leadership - the whats, whys and hows of leading well under patriarchy


Regardless of your gender, patriarchy affects how you exist in the workplace, how you move through the weird and wonderful world of charity, and definitely how you lead. As advisors who work with leaders of charities, foundations and businesses from the UK and abroad, and leaders who are fresh off an 18 month leadership transition (during a pandemic), Emily and Rachel have a lot of experience when it comes to applying feminist values and frameworks to the complex world of leadership. This session will bring these concepts to life with honesty, humour, and optimism. Come along to learn how you can be a feminist leader.

Key learnigns from this session:

  • The ways feminism can (and should) show up in leadership for people of all genders.
  • The benefits of applying feminist thinking to organisational and leadership challenges.
  • How to approach tricky leadership situations, such as transitions, with a feminist mindset.


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