Emily is CEO of I.G. Advisors, an award-winning strategy consultancy specialising in social and environmental change. Its mission is to build the capacity of nonprofits, businesses and philanthropists to achieve impact and growth — from grassroots organisations to household name foundations and companies. In 2021, I.G. also launched The Mesa - a digital platform designed for philanthropic communities.

Since joining I.G. in 2015, Emily been working at the forefront of some of the most innovative and transformational strategies for impact around the world, supporting non-profit and foundation leaders, philanthropists and fundraisers to move resources for good and implement plans for change. In 2021 she was named one of Citywealth Magazine's Top Recommended Philanthropic Advisors, and in 2022 she was listed on Private Client Global Elite Directory's Top 150.

Beyond I.G., her career has focused on her twin passions of social justice and mental health, and her academic background includes a BSc in Psychology, a Diploma in Charity Management and an MSc in Philanthropy. She is also Co-Chair of the Good Night Out Campaign, which seeks to end sexual harassment in nightlife.