Fundraising in a perma-crisis: the view from supporters


“Covid followed by Ukraine War followed by a climate and energy crisis followed by soaring inflation followed by rising interest rates.

There’s many reasons people might NOT donate to charity at the moment, but perhaps just as many reasons FOR getting behind a cause.

So, how are donors feeling, and what advice do they have for charities to encourage support?

This session will share Beautiful Insight’s latest proprietary research into donor’s views on ‘the state of the nation’, the issues that matter to them right now, their donation intentions and how they want charities to evolve in these unprecedented times.

Beautiful Insights have provided market research to charities for over a decade and have been tracking donor reactions to the cost-of-living crisis since it started in 2022. This session will provide the latest insights to help keep donors motivated and willing to give.

Key learnings from this session:

  • Who’s planning to increase or decrease their giving as the cost of living crisis continues
  • How charities can be empathetic and relevant for donors right now
  • Opportunities for fundraisers to maximise income despite challenging condition


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