How to hear what your donors are really saying with Steven Dodds

How to hear what your donors are really saying


Measuring the supporter experience and its impact is tricky.

Methods imported from the commercial sector – such as customer satisfaction or NPS – don’t really capture the nuanced supporter/charity relationship, whilst donors don’t always say what them mean or mean what they say on this topic. For example, some will say “I don’t want the charity to waste money thanking me”, and then complain when if it doesn’t happen…

This session will examine the measurement challenge, helping fundraisers understand what to measure and how. Looking beyond ROI, contact rates and NPS.

The session will look at:

  • Measurement approaches that get fundraisers closer to identifying how charities ‘add value’ to supporters lives
  • The role of AI in making sense of supporter comments
  • Understanding the relationship between supporter satisfaction, engagement and future donation intentions


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