In Safe Hands: How leadership can provide an inclusive, safe and high performing team



I’ve spent the last 5 years engaging with leadership theory and reflecting on my own practice as a leader. One of the most profound things I learnt is how much the choices you make as a leader can affect the lives of others.

In this interactive session, we will reflect on some of our worst experiences on a team and consider this in the context of what makes a team dysfunctional. We’ll then zoom in on Psychological Safety, what it is, why it’s important and what your experience of it is.

Finally, I will share some insight from my own research into Psychological safety that explains how leader behaviours are so critical in enabling a safe, inclusive and high performing workplace
What are the key learnings from your session?

Key learnings:

  • An opportunity to reflect on your own experiences of leadership
  • An understanding of psychological safety and why it should be the foundation of any leadership
  • Some helpful ways you can increase psychological safety based on feedback from people who took part in my research


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