Measuring Supporter Experience - A quantitative and qualitative approach with Kayleigh Philps & Sally Dixon

Measuring Supporter Experience - A quantitative and qualitative approach


We all understand the importance of giving donors a good experience of supporting a charity; the better the supporter experience, the longer the support keeps rolling in. Happy supporter, happy charity. But how do we know if we’re doing a good or bad job at providing this experience?

We can’t answer this question without first measuring what we mean by ‘supporter experience’. At Prostate Cancer UK we’ve taken a varied approach to measuring experience and engagement. We’ve moved beyond traditional methods such as second gift rate, tenure, and life-time value. Whilst these robust, tried-and-tested measures will always have their place, we’ve expanded our horizons to include more subtle and nuanced measures of supporter behaviour.

This talk will take you through two key measures of supporter experience; the Customer Engagement Score, and Customer Loyalty Survey.

Kayleigh, the Insight Analyst, will talk through the Engagement Model she has been instrumental in creating. She’ll talk through the logic behind this quantitative representation of engagement, how the score is calculated and across which broad measures, and finally the application of such a score, and how it can be used to measure supporter experience.

Sally, the Customer Research Manager, will share details of the Loyalty Survey; practically how this was conducted by a small but mighty Research team, brief insight into the results, and how this has also fed into better understanding supporters so the organisation can provide them with a better supporter experience.

Key learnings from this session:

  1. How an Engagement Model works, and can lead to better understanding of supporter experience
  2. How Prostate Cancer UK conducted their own Loyalty Survey, and how the results are being used to understand supporter experience
  3. Combining these two measures, alongside more traditional supporter KPIs, to better understand supporters and strive towards delivering them the best donor experience


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