Over to You



On July 14th 2022 we hosted our first ever open mic conference to give fundraisers a voice.

The sector is crying out for a shake-up – to be listened to and for things to change.

Conversations on social, articles in magazines, and chats in WhatsApp groups are fizzing with ideas, injustice, and potential.

We felt it was time to bring that out into the open.

‘Over to You’ was a new concept conference that had no theme, rules, or agenda – and all attendees were invited to speak.

Speakers were invited to talk about anything they want related to our sector: a campaign they were proud of, tips for recruitment, challenges to ways of working, or to raise a debate that others could join.

By handing over control to you, our sector, we started new conversations, highlighted important topics, and uncovered opportunities.

Conversations included:

  • Revolutionary Apprenticeships
  • Calling out v. calling in: Innovation and diversity in fundraising
  • Anti-racism v. EDI, a gentle call in for the sector
  • What makes TikTok a powerful paid tool for NGOs?
  • Using paid social media to increase non-profit support
  • Using data to show your impact and inspire your funders and volunteers

If you register now, you will be able to watch a full recording of the event, plus shorter videos of the individual sessions.

The event was hosted on the virtual events platform for charities, Everywhere+


For this event we tested a new ‘pay what you can’ format.

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