The Cost of Living Crisis: A Behavioural Science Approach


A recent survey indicates that 85% of respondents said they are seeing the impact of the cost of living crisis on the choices they make. The fact is that unaffordability is affecting everyone and seems to be the only topic the news is covering. What’s more, a perfect winter storm is brewing with both rising energy costs and year-end fundraising appeals. How is the cost of living crisis impacting your donors and how is it impacting your organisation…and how is it impacting you? The current research gives us insights and warnings for both our external communications as well as our internal strategies. In this session, we’ll unpack the research and find ways to align our work to acknowledge these important realities.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the behavioural science principles that are impacting our donors and how to respectfully engage them in ways that acknowledge their needs and values
  • Identify the behavioural science principles that are at work for us as fundraisers and within our organizations and how to proactively address them
  • How to align our activities for year-end and through 2023 to the needs of our community


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