Using social data intelligence to nail your corporate pitches


You may have heard of terms like behavioural science, nudging, social listening… but what do these terms actually mean, and how can you use it effectively in your pitching?

Don’t worry – Dana & Filipe are here to help you figure it out. In just 20 minutes we’ll share a handful of scientific tools and tricks you need to know about in order to improve your corporate pitches.

You’ll walk away from this session feeling that little bit smarter and more strategic about how to structure the content and information of your pitches for maximum impact.

Key learnings from this session:

  • What decision science and social data intelligence mean
  • The differences between them, and potential synergies
  • What and how to ‘nudge’ people in your corporate pitches
  • How to make better data driven decisions in your pitch structure & content
  • A set of free online tools to start doing it now


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