Working Quick, Working Slick: Online Donor Giving Insights


Join Engaging Networks and Dignity in Dying as they share their experience of agile working to deliver 1,000 new members to support Dignity in Dying over three short months.

Learn about the work Dignity in Dying tested with their audience, their experience of agile working and the results they generated to help develop their membership programme.

In the session you’ll also learn about broader insights and tactics used across the sector to maximise fundraising performance – many of which Dignity in Dying use to help drive their programme and can be easily incorporated into the work you do today!

By working in agile ways, and armed with data, results and insights you need to support you as you test-and-learn, you can transform your fundraising while avoiding many of the frustrations we all face as fundraisers!

Key learnings from this session:

  • Using agile working to deliver fundraising growth.
  • Nudging, value propositions and next gift prompting strategies.
  • Facebook ad, email and donation journey performance.
  • Framing your message: the results of our testing.


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