Working With Widowed Donors with Holly Wagg

Working With Widowed Donors


This session is all about working with widows/widowers. It will provide practical tips to help guide planned giving professionals in their work and conversations with widowed donors. It’s about talking about death, becoming comfortable with it, and demystifying widowhood by being able to ask a widowed fundraiser all of the questions you never should ask a donor. If you want to be a good fundraiser, and a good human being, these are skills you need to cultivate. This session will provide fundraising professionals with common language and tools to understand the widowed experience, grief and secondary losses.

Key learnings from this session:

  1. Help planned giving professionals understand the widowed experience, grief and secondary losses that widows experience
  2. Provide tips and insights for planned giving professionals to work through their personal discomfort/understanding their human and relational role with widows
  3. Understand how planned giving vehicles can be a way to honour a deceased spouse and part of the healing process







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