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Holly Wagg

Holly Wagg


Holly Wagg is Partner and CEO at Good Works. She has more than 25 years of experience in the charitable sector, with a particular strategic and tactical expertise in direct mail, legacy and digital giving. She’s also a co-author of You Can’t Take It With You: The Art and Science of Legacy Fundraising (the second edition of Iceberg Philanthropy). This is the go-to book on planned giving that shows fundraisers how you can persuade ordinary donors to make an extraordinary charitable gift through their will.

Holly co-founded the Ten Oaks Project in 2004 for which she was honoured with a lifetime achievement award in the queer community before she cracked 30. She’s a widowed, and re-married, mother of six (two adopted, one bio and three step-children) who does handstands inside the office to warm up for all the CrossFit, yoga and outdoor adventure that she does outside of the office. She also is a sucker for peanut m&ms and those holiday Hallmark films.