Fundraising Innovation Conference

Thursday 11th July @


82% of charities recognise the need for fundraising innovation, but few know what ‘innovation’ means or how to do it properly.

This uncertainty leaves you feeling anxious, left out, and maybe a little overwhelmed.

We’re here to help!

2024’s Fundraising Innovation Conference, curated by Amy Hutchings, aims to support fundraisers in four key areas;

1: What is ‘innovation’? 

2: How to ‘do’ innovation at any scale and size

3: How to know it’s working

4: How to keep going

With workshops, presentations, and breakout sessions for charities of all sizes, this conference will give you the insights, understanding, and confidence to kick-start, or elevate, innovation at your charity.

Registrants will also be invited to local innovation pop-ups around the UK and Ireland to watch the conference with other fundraisers and experience in-person workshops*

Programme will be announced in March. Early-bird ticket prices available until then!

*subject to local host availability – we’re working on it!



Room 1: Structure

Survive or Thrive? Changing the Game with AI
Speaker: John Dataro
In this session, join John Roberts to explore how charities – big and small – are leveraging the latest, AI-based tools to drive change – for the better – in a persistently challenging climate. We’ll be looking at real-world case studies which showcase how innovation can be the difference between surviving and thriving, and how even subtle adoptions of new technologies can have disproportionately large impacts on fundraising performance and efficiency.

Trailblazing Trustees: Driving Innovation through Your Board – Panel discussion
Speakers: Magid El-Amin, Kizzy Gardiner & Michael Winehouse
Hosted by: Henry Rowling
We will discuss all aspects of innovation from the perspective of 3 trailblazing Trustees, delving into their experiences of working with staff teams to Innovate across the charities they have been Trustees for. Governance can often be a blocker to true Innovation. But trustees often want their organisations to be more innovative.
– Why doesn’t it happen?
– What are the blockers?
– How can we overcome them?
– What convinces Trustees to invest financially in innovation?
– And how can charity staff work more effectively with Trustee Boards to be more innovative?
Come along and see what Innovation looks like from the Trustee side.

Room 3: Case Studies

War Child United – How Can We Use Football Shirts To Raise Awareness?
Speaker: Alicia Jumman & George Baverstock
War Child United is a fundraising and awareness-raising initiative using Football shirts. The project invites young people in our country programmes to design a football shirt in their region, which we will then sell in partnership with sports companies in the UK. Our session will focus on engagement from audiences, communities and brands, how to raise awareness and how to raise money! The very first War Child United shirt is from the Central African Republic. Come and listen to George and I speak about this amazing project.

Pivoting a Fail into a win/Successful Innovation when the budget is cut
Speaker: Daniel Field
In a 2-4-1 offer, in just 30 minutes you’ll learn how you can turn failures into success, and how to innovate when your budgets get cut. In the first half Dan will cover how he and the team took a failing product and turned it around into a £100k a year income generator, with a fraction of the budget. He’ll talk you through the process they followed and lessons learnt along the way. In the second half, Dan will talk about how any charity can innovate on a tight budget. Giving a real world example of when he and team experienced budget cuts and how they managed to continue innovating and piloting on a tight budget. This part of the session will give you some practical tips and tools you can use today so you can continue innovating regardless of budget.

Innovation, how to move from ideas to products
Speaker: Polly Shute
Polly will take you through her Top 10 tips for innovation. These tips are based on her last 12 years developing new products in the commercial and not for profit sectors. Her insights will include: The importance of passion and purpose; Pragmitism over perfection; and Gaining partners and supporters.


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