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Craig Goldblatt

Craig Goldblatt


Passionate about global change, Craig connects people and organisations to their purpose and to the impact they want to make.

750+ keynote presentations. 5 continents. 100,000 people worldwide. For over 2 decades, Craig has been changing lives with his powerful message. With his ability to challenge rather than tell, he rouses audiences to take action and become their best selves.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Craig has travelled the globe, working in the private sector and with charity enterprises and non-profit organizations. Experiencing some of the most diverse cultures on the planet, he has developed an enhanced awareness of purpose, intention, motivation and human identity.

Whether you’re trying to inspire a room of Fortune 500 CEOs, organisational young leaders or a jam-packed stadium, Craig will give your audience the tools to fuel their purpose, magnify their magnificence and create a meaningful legacy.

Craig Goldblatt has a true gift as a business speaker of helping you find it faster. All people in business will experience change at many levels. Craig will ensure your team changes with power, speed and determination. Growing a business is about focussing on the belief in the ability to succeed and Craigʼs programmes, speeches and keynotes are masterful at pumping enthusiasm into your company, ensuring rewards for the business and the team. His programmes as a leadership speaker help you to break through weaknesses, fatigue and barriers.

Dynamic, passionate and mesmerizing, Craig not only stir hearts— he’s the catalyst that connects people, social enterprises, and organizations to the magnified impact they want to create.