Corporate Partnerships Conference 2024



“Putting Charities in the driving seat of corporate partnerships”

Are you an experienced corporate fundraiser looking to diversify your income in relation to changing economic climates and introduction of Environmental, Social, and Governance legislations?

Or are you looking to grow your corporate portfolios and shift away from reliance on time consuming Charity Of The Year partnerships?

Join us for an afternoon of workshops and presentations from our line-up of international and expert speakers who will provide you with cutting edge insight and recommendations on how to build corporate-charity partnerships that make a serious dent in your charity missions.

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Room 1: Inspiration

Tony’s Chocolonely Partnerships: Purpose Driven Commercial Alignment
Ben Gallagher, Tony’s Chocolonely
Diving into our most successful partnerships in the last year and how we aligned our marketing and sales teams so the partnerships grew our brand awareness but also delivered revenue.

Fundraising on Purpose
Speaker: Craig Goldblatt
The talk explores the concept of living in two worlds – the fast-paced external world and our internal world, composed of intelligent cells. It underscores the magnificence of humans and the significance of self-care. The negative effects of self-judgment are discussed, along with the importance of intentional living. Recognizing our emotional needs and unique talents can lead us to our purpose. The talk ends with a call for gratitude and self-value.

Why is ESG Important for Corporate-Charity Partnerships? – Panel Discussion
Speakers: Gihan Hyde, CommUnique; John Lunn, Carbon Provenance & Dan Fletcher, Moore Kingston Smith Nonprofit Advisory
Chaired by: Georgina Oxlade, Remarkable Partnerships
The panel session highlights the significance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in corporate charity partnerships. It emphasizes how ESG is reshaping the corporate sustainability landscape, with companies like Cisco and Patagonia leading the way. Charities are encouraged to understand and engage with ESG, demonstrating their credentials and collaborating with businesses on initiatives. The discussion also touches on the challenges faced by SMEs and the need for charities to reduce their carbon emissions.

How to Use AI to Build Better Corporate Partnerships
Speaker: Joe Waters, Selfish Giving
Creating successful corporate partnerships requires a mix of innovation, strategic insight, and a win-win mindset. In this context, the domain of AI-enhanced partnerships, powered by ChatGPT, is emerging as a powerful asset for pinpointing, nurturing, and solidifying corporate relationships. From the initial handshake to the final signature, this session will show you how to use AI to elevate your partnership strategy. Among other things, you’ll streamline your partnership process, enhance communication, and unlock partnership potential. Following this session, your team will have access to a powerful new assistant that is sure to push your partnership program to new heights.

DHL and Teach First – Building Transformational Partnerships
Husne Begum, Teach First & Emma Stratford, The DHL UK Foundation
This session is a case study about what an effective transformational partnership looks like and the story of how we got there. Emma Stratford, Programme Manager from DHL UK Foundation and I will talk about how it all started 9 years ago and what we believe are the most important ingredients to creating a transformational partnership.

IWITOT (I wish I thought of that): Corporate Partnerships Edition
Speakers: Darion Moore, Save the Rhino International & Lisa Gill, THIS Institute, University of Cambridge
Darion & Lisa share the corporate & charity partnerships that they loved and why. Each will share a partnership that they loved and wish they had thought of themselves, why they loved it, and what lessons they have taken away from the partnerships they chose.


Room 2: Practical

Elevating Partnerships: the Art of Stewardship
Speaker: Tom McKenzie, UK for UNHCR
One major challenge faced by corporate fundraisers is how to retain and develop first-time donors in partners, while also taking established partnerships to the next level. This session will mainly focus on how a large number first-time donors to UK for UNHCR were stewarded and retained following a major event, which are universal in application.

The Power of Shared Purpose: How To Find Your Unique Why
Speaker: Laura Hughes-Onslow, Mayor’s Fund for London
Companies are increasingly focusing on their ESG commitments and building social purpose into the heart of their strategies. By harnessing the power of shared purpose, we can pool our resources, raising funds and creating change together. But that’s easy to say and sometimes harder to do. How do you stand out to a potential corporate partner, and demonstrate your unique why? This session will showcase how powerful your unique why can be with a real-life example increasing corporate pledges from £2m to £10m. We will talk through some steps you can take to find your own unique why and apply it throughout your pitching and partnership-building process.

How to Make Your Pitch Stand Out
Speakers: Yunus Bham, Barnardo’s & Katie Bruce, Venture Scotland
As we see a changing landscape of corporate giving and the rising importance of ESG, it has never been more important for charities to adapt and improve to build a winning pipeline approach. Key to this is having a strong pitch strategy to create clear and standout presentations. In this session Yunus and Katie will share a range of techniques which have seen them achieve several recent successes including large multi-year wins.

Navigating Corporate Partnerships as a Regional Charity
Speaker: Rose James, Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University
Are you a regional charity? Do you want to improve your corporate fundraising? Do you feel like the big national charities are too much to compete with? If you answered yes to any of the above then this session is for you. Rose James, CEO of Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University, spent 10 years developing corporate partnerships for her regional charity. During this time she brought on over 40 partners (many of whom still support the charity today) and raised over £1million in support. In this session, she will help you to navigate your way to regional corporate partnership success, using her handy corporate partnership compass.

How To Build International Corporate Partnerships
Speaker: Tum Kazunga, Build It International
This session focuses on the process of building international corporate partnerships. It offers four key tips: securing organizational buy-in, becoming an expert in your field, understanding your impact, and embracing co-opetition. It underscores the need to stay updated on business trends, position your charity as a valuable partner, and articulate impact beyond financial contributions. The talk also encourages exploring cooperative partnerships with complementary NGOs to boost fundraising and impact.

Building Corporate Partnerships Through Employee Volunteering
Speaker: Deryl Thatcher, Hatch Enterprise
How can skilled volunteering lead to new partnerships? Hear from Deryl, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Hatch Enterprise about how she gets people excited about their charities mission, firstly by volunteering their time and knowledge and then increasing their financial contribution. Get some ideas for “outside the box” engagement, hear from corporates themselves about what makes a good volunteering opportunity and why it’s important to companies to get involved.


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