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Denise Cranston


Denise is a Corporate Charity Partnership professional who cares passionately about people and communities.

Denise has over 23 years’ experience working with Northern Irelands’ leading companies helping them to develop their strategy and approach to corporate responsibility. She has worked closely with Allstate NI, Liberty IT, Pwc, Openreach, Lidl, Henderson Group, to name a few, and a key part of her role has been to support companies with their Corporate Charity partnerships.

Denise is also well known for her work in the charity and social enterprise sectors. She has been instrumental in facilitating corporate charity matches and partnerships and she has personally been involved as a Trustee for a number of small local charities. She also played an important role in the development and management of Social Enterprise NI.

Denise is highly skilled at relationship management and helping to build purpose driven partnerships.