Corporate Partnerships Everywhere Conference 2022


We find ourselves in a time of overwhelming challenges. The pandemic, climate change and discrimination are at the top of a long list of significant problems.

These problems are too big for any organization to solve on their own. However, purpose-driven partnerships between companies and charities offer us hope and solutions.

So we need corporate fundraisers to step up and build those partnerships.

We are excited to present our line-up of international and expert speakers who will provide you with cutting edge insight and recommendations on how to build corporate-charity partnerships that make a serious dent in your charity missions.

We hope you can join us.



Using Social Data Intelligence to Nail Your Coporate Pitchest Dana Segal & Filipe Páscoa
You may have heard of terms like behavioural science, nudging, social listening… but what do these terms actually mean, and how can you use it effectively in your pitching? Don’t worry – Dana & Filipe are here to help you figure it out. In just 20 minutes we’ll share a handful of scientific tools and tricks you need to know about in order to improve your corporate pitches. You’ll walk away from this session feeling that little bit smarter and more strategic about how to structure the content and information of your pitches for maximum impact.


How Three Mobile and Samaritans kept a remote and varied workforce engaged in our partnership Matthew Gray
In 2021 Samaritans won the Three mobile national charity partner to connect 1 million people to emotional support. They had to launch ad engage this partnership to 5,000 employees across 300 sites the UK, while all of their stores were still shut due to lockdown. In this session Matthew will go through the process of how Samaritans launched this partnership and maximised employee engagement.


Corporate supporterships: insights into the small business landscape and how to seize them Veronica Bamford-Deane
Small businesses can be overlooked when it comes to corporate fundraising as there is a distinct myth that small businesses only generate small income. However, as 99% of businesses in the UK are small, and over half of UK turnover is created by small businesses, it’s time to get the facts straight. We have a real opportunity to maximise the impact this highly engaged, purpose driven and innovative supporter group can have for raising sustainable charitable income; and now is the moment to seize it.

In this session, backed up by evidence and insight into small business donation trends and behaviours, we will look at the benefits of combining small business supporterships with traditional corporate partnerships, the benefits of NOT reserving commercial participation agreements for 5 figure donations, and the added value small businesses can bring to your charity beyond the financial support.


How to Build Commerical Partnerships Megan Earl, Rob Neale & Rebecca Hastings 
Creating commercial partnerships can be incredibly rewarding but can be daunting – particularly for charities stepping in to the area for the first time. In this session, Rob, Rebecca, and Megan share the challenges and successes of charity commercial partnerships, focusing on the lessons both he and his team have learned.


How to make companies care about black-led causes Carol Amicky Akiwumi & Kemar Walford
Over the last year we have seen a number of companies posting black squares and paying lip service to Black Lives Matter – how do we go beyond this and ensure we secure genuine partnership/impact?


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