I was a struggling musician, just looking for another source of income, when I found a street fundraising job. It was love at first “no!”. I didn’t just fall in love with canvassing though, I fell in love with the idea of committed giving. It’s been my passion ever since. I worked as a fundraiser, team leader, coach and manager launching campaigns for over a dozen charities before launching One Voice.

I founded One Voice Fundraising in New York in 2016 as a consultancy helping organizations to test new ideas, launch new campaigns and improve KPI’s in and in 2019 as a full f2f agency. I subsequently co-founded 1 Voice Latinoamérica in 2021.

I believe in the power and potential of this sector. I also believe healthy collaboration, shared learning, and consistent dialogue between the many principles in this sector, is our only chance at ever fully actualizing the potential f2f has to transform the culture of giving from donors to stakeholders in the missions of charities globally. I hope to see the day when it is more common for a member of the public to be a committed, sustaining giver than not - everywhere.