Face-to-Face and Telephone Fundraising Conference

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Get ready to elevate your fundraising game – with conversations!

The Face-to-Face & Telephone Fundraising Conference is here, and it’s packed with everything you need to boost your face-to-face and telephone fundraising goals.

Whether you’re responsible for shaping strategies or a frontline fundraiser keen to convert, this virtual event is your go-to resource for enhancing your F2F and telephone fundraising.

Our expert-led summit will be your guide to dialogue fundraising know-how, covering everything from strategic leadership insights to proven techniques for donor retention and ethics to protect your employees and brand.

Our interactive fundraising workshops will empower you to sharpen your skills, while our innovation showcases will keep you ahead of the curve.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with fellow charity leaders, fundraisers, and industry experts.

Book today and join us in April 2024.

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Room 1: F2F

We Benchmarked 100,000 Donors – Here’s What We Have Learned About Attrition
Speaker: Liam McEntegart, REAL Fundraising
REAL Fundraising is a leading values based ethical F2F Fundraising agency, we are responsible for recruiting over half a million donors for many UK charities. We have analysed the last 100,000 donors we recruited (with mature attrition data) and provided insight that will allow you to implement 10 quick changes to your own F2F campaign to improve donor retention.

Digital Payment Revolution – How ApplePay, GooglePay and Co. will change face-to-face fundraising forever
Speaker: Michael Peiner, Formunauts
Give your donors the choice – The power of digital payment options and how they are ushering in a new era for face-to-face fundraising. Apple Pay, Google Pay and co. are in the process of profoundly changing the way we donate and radically revolutionising the framework conditions. But what does this mean for donors, NPOs and face-to-face agencies? What opportunities and risks does this harbour for us? An attempt at a practice-based forecast.

Going beyond Mystery Shopping – A Deeper Dive Into Auditing of F2F and How It Is Proven To Raise Standards and Performance
Daniel Servante & Sam Hollyman, Green Light Sites
We will take you through the last 4 years of F2F drawing on over 8000 hours of fundraising observed by our team of professional fundraising auditors. From over 45,000 data points collected we will compare door, street and private site, looking at what’s been improving (lots!) and what we can do better. We will also show the profound impact regular and detailed compliance monitoring can have not just on attrition and complaint rates, but also on overall team performance. If you love F2F and believe in professional, ethical and inspiring conversations to raise money, then this is for you!


Room 2: Telephone

“Taking the Ick out of the Ask”: How to Craft Your 5-Minute Fundraising Conversation
Speaker: Kel Haney
Are you unconsciously (or consciously!) avoiding making “The Ask”? One on one solicitation can be exceptionally challenging and, when faced with an enormous fundraising goal, it can feel like an un-winnable situation. But it doesn’t have to be this way: let’s set you on the path to becoming a confident, authentic, curious, and refreshed fundraiser who enjoys connecting with donors. Over the past 18 years, Kel Haney’s engaged in 20,000+ conversations with donors and developed a framework for crafting a 5-minute fundraising Ask. In this session, you’ll learn the “4 Tent Poles” to set the groundwork for your Asks (along with some easily- actionable tips) that will shift your solicitation from transactional encounters to relationship-building opportunities. You’ll be able to instantly implement the 5-Minute framework, right-size the amount of time spent on your Asks, and immediately engage in deeper interactions with your donors.


Room 3: Strategy

You Become What You Measure: Getting Your Ethical Strategy Right
Speaker: Jacob Møllemose, Impact Talks
In this insightful session, we will delve into the intriguing concept of how metrics can shape your fundraising approach and the profound impact this can have on your campaigns. We’ll explore the transformations and shifts that occur when measurements become the driving factor in fundraising. We’ll also venture into the territory of ethics, discussing the crucial role they play in contracts and how the absence of reflection on ethics can lead to unforeseen challenges. Furthermore, this session will highlight how responsibilities can shift when your approach becomes Key Performance Indicator (KPI) driven. Through this engaging and thought-provoking discussion, attendees will gain a better understanding of the intricate interplay between metrics, ethics, and strategy in the world of fundraising.


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