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John Lepp 2021

John Lepp


I am a marketer, designer, and ranter, with decades of experience in design and direct response.

I'm a partner at Agents of Good, a fundraising and communications collaboration, led by myself and Jen Love, that is solely focused on #donorlove. We obsess over the 1,000 small things you need to do in your direct response program to show donors how important they are to you. Saying “thanks” isn’t enough. You need to infuse and massage #donorlove into your asks, the ways you say thank you and how you report back on the impact of their giving.

At its heart, #donorlove is sharing and showing your amazing donors all of the things they make possible.

Having clients report back on increased giving, year over year, mostly from the same donors is something we never take for granted and really speaks to the power of #donorlove. Taking the time to ask your donors to share their values and hearing their stories can be transformative to your work.

I have spoken to audiences in Holland, Norway, the UK, Ireland, all over the USA and Canada and I love sharing the amazing things that donors do and examples of #donorlove.