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For four years, Fundraising Everywhere has blazed a trail for equitable professional development so that fundraisers like you feel skilled, confident, and connected.

Because we believe that every fundraiser deserves to have the right tools to do their job – and feel safe and supported whilst doing it.

And we believe that fundraising training should be low-cost, high-impact, and accessible for fundraisers everywhere.

In 2023, we’ve partnered with Neon One to bring North American fundraisers the first Individual Giving Conference North America; a celebration of you and the North American not-for-profits changing their communities and the world.

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Session Descriptions

What are your donors thinking? Behavioural Science in individual giving
Cherian Koshy
In this session, we’ll show you how mixing behavioral science and neuromarketing can help you create awesome fundraising campaigns that make donors sit up and take action. Cherian will share all the juicy details and practical tips, so you’ll walk away with some fantastic strategies to boost your fundraising game. Get ready for a fun session where he’ll spill the beans on nonprofit fundraising success using the super cool (and scientifically tested) G.I.V.E. Framework!

What does the future of individual giving look like – and what do we need to do about it?
Speaker:  Rachel Bearbower
In an ideal world, you would have a genuine 1:1 relationship with every donor. Writing thank you notes feels like sprinkles on a cupcake. Instead, when a donation comes in, the clock starts ticking. Thank you notes become a chore. You’re scrambling to connect with a few top donors and stewardship falls to the bottom of your overflowing to-do list. So, how can you genuinely thank and steward your donors in less time? That’s a great question. I’m glad you asked. In this presentation, Rachel Bearbower will teach you a simple hack to one of your most time-consuming tasks. You’ll walk away with time-saving templates and oodles of time back on your day.

Principles of Community-Centric Fundraising & Why They Matter in the Social Impact Space
Speaker: Rickesh Lakhani
We’re in the middle of a major shift. The Community-centric Fundraising (CCF) movement is gaining traction and challenging the foundation of donor-centred fundraising that has been at the forefront for so long. But the heart of this isn’t new. Philanthropy has always been rooted in these principles. CCF grounds fundraising in race, equity, and social justice and re-positions the donor as a partner in the work, not the center of it. This way we can enter the arena of making change as members of the same team, address power dynamics, and reduce the harm that is caused on our paths to doing good. This means rethinking how we fundraise, having honest and difficult conversations, and taking exciting paths forward. This session will improve your understanding of CCF principles and provide some practical guidance on incorporating CCF values into your fundraising.

3 Strategies for Cultivating Relationships with Grantmakers
Speaker: Sheleia Phillips
Are you curious about building meaningful relationships with grant funders? Tune in to this session to learn my top three strategies for institutional donor cultivation and much more! I’ll be your grant writing coach for half an hour and guide you to success

New Insights for Nonprofit Email Marketers
Abby Jarvis
What’s the best day to send an email? What words should you include in your subject lines? Is preview text really that important? How does your email performance measure up to other nonprofits? Join us as we unpack some of the key takeaways from Neon One’s most recent study on nonprofit email performance. You’ll leave with insights gleaned from more than 37,000 nonprofit email campaigns, plus data-backed strategies for creating more compelling emails.

Direct Mail for Mid & Small-Sized Orgs
Speaker: John Lepp
This session takes a look inside the hearts and minds of your donors and shows you how minor deviations from the status quo can give you major results! We will examine the foundation of excellent and successful fundraising appeals, throw down the problems with branding and professionalism in our sector, talk about how storytelling just isn’t as important as you are told, getting donors talking to you, showing and sharing gratitude.

Lightning Sessions

⚡ Purpose-Driven Fundraising 101 : Individual Giving with Purpose in Mind
Cierra Selby
To succeed in individual giving, you need to attract and connect with donors who are passionate and aligned with your mission. This is a crucial way for many nonprofits to raise funds, but it requires the right mindset. It’s about showing donors that you care about them as much as they care about you. That’s why focusing on purpose over profit is essential for successful fundraising. But how can you help your organization adopt this purpose-driven approach? Join this bite-sized session to discover powerful questions and tips that will help you and your organization succeed in purpose-driven fundraising.

⚡ Knowing Your Audience and Why it Matters
Sara Hoshooley
In this quick Lightening Session, we’ll be chatting about how to get to know your donors and your audience at scale. You’ll learn a few key take aways to better engage donors and get them excited about the work you make possible together.

⚡ 7 Minutes To Incredible Online Giving Pages
Sam Nyland
In just 7 minutes you will learn about the importance of designing a strong donation page for your nonprofit organization. As we already know, donations are a critical part of funding for most nonprofits, and online giving is an essential component of success in today’s digital world. So, let’s give your donation form a face lift! We’ll explore how small design details on your donation page can have a big impact on converting website visitors into donors.
We’ll also explore how building a strong donation page can set the precedent for all future donor engagement and increase online donations.

⚡ Great Video on a Budget
Speaker: David Phu
Many nonprofits and charities want to start using video marketing, but feel blocked by a need for high quality production. I’ll demonstrate what the audience actually wants in their online experiences and how low-production, homemade videos are one of the top most viewed content categories. For 10 years I’ve focused on helping nonprofits reduce complications and just get the word out.

Soft Skills: Cultivating Donor Relationships and Making the Ask
Speaker: Mallory Erickson
Are you ready to raise more from the right funders without hounding people for money? Join us for this session with Mallory Erickson that will empower you with the essential soft skills needed to cultivate meaningful donor relationships and confidently make the ask. Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser or just starting in the nonprofit world, this session will equip you with the practical tools and techniques to maximize your fundraising potential.

How to Move Your Individual Giving Career Forward
Speaker: Kia Croom
This workshop is designed for nonprofit fundraisers who are eager to advance their careers in individual giving. Participants will explore approaches to drive success in their current roles and prepare for future opportunities. The session will provide valuable insights and practical tips to help attendees navigate the ever-evolving landscape of individual giving and maximize their professional growth.

Innovation and Improving Efficiences in Individual Giving Through Retention
Michael Buckley
Everyone knows that keeping your donors is better than finding new ones, but how do you do it? During this session, we’ll discuss a few innovative practices that have shown immediate results on donor retention. Whether you’re a small shop or a multi-layered organization, this session will provide value able insight into “HOW” to keep your donors and what to do to get them back once you’ve lost them.

Using Data to Measure Success
Speaker: Nejeed Kassam
Join Nejeed Kassam, CEO and Founder of Keela, for an insightful session on using data to drive success in your nonprofit organization. In this presentation, Nejeed will share his expertise on the importance of maximizing your data to reach your goals. Nejeed will walk through how to use data to set realistic goals, evaluate progress, and track the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts. He will also discuss the benefits of using your database to collect and analyze data, and provide real-life examples of how nonprofits have used these tools to achieve success.

Lost in Translation: Bridging the Gap Between Development and Finance
Deanna Peterson
In this session, Deanna will: Discuss common barriers that cause breakdown of collaboration between development and finance; Share common reporting differences between development and finance departments; Identify solutions that support collaboration between departments; and Provide tips for building collaborative relationships between development and finance staff.

Design the change you want to see with Canva
Arturo Rago
Design is often seen as a (costly) afterthought by many nonprofits. However, nothing like design can help express the unique ethos and personality of your nonprofit, engage audiences and build trust and loyalty over time. During the session, Arturo will show you what design can do for your nonprofit and how Canva can help you harness the power of design at no cost at all to: manage your nonprofit brand; create, schedule and track content for multiple platforms; and improve workflows and work smarter, not harder.

Learning to Fundraise
Speaker: Karen Adegbite
Learn to become an effective authentic fundraiser quickly. I am an Individual Giver Fundraiser with 8 months experience in the field. I am fresh to the sector yet I have already accomplished many things like stewarding 2 London Marathons. This is a Q&A addressing the challenges facing a new IG fundraiser and how to become confident in the role. Learn how to smash your targets, build relationships and make the role your own.

How to use your summer months to maximize your end of year campaign goals
Speaker: Jess Campbell
It’s all in the prep work! Summer is a FANTASTIC time to have multiple touch points with your donors. You can communicate the impact they are making on your nonprofit organization, you can thank them or you can just reach out for no reason other than to check in. In this session, Jess will walk you through three ways that you can use your summer months to put in the prep work so that you are able to maximize your end of year campaign results.

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Nonprofit and Fundraising
Speaker: Susu Wong
LinkedIn isn’t just for building your professional network, showcasing your resume, or meeting your next hire. Donors use the platform to research organizations and discover donation and volunteer opportunities. In this session, I’ll show you how to find and connect with donors, build meaningful connections, and ask for donations without asking.

What Does Good Stewardship Look Like?
Speakers: Tim Sarrantonio, Cynetra Freeman, David Lee & Jonathan Meagher-Zayas
Great stewardship does huge things without the need for big teams and big budgets.We’re talking more income, higher donor numbers, and bigger retention – so why leave it to the big teams to get this right?In this live panel Q&A, we put your questions to small shop organizations that have changed the game for brilliant charity stewardship – and sharing how you can do it too. 


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