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Lizi Zipser


Lizi is the Executive Director of Blue State, a global agency supporting charities and campaigning groups to understand, engage and mobilise millions in over 20 countries. To date, Blue State have raised over £2.4BN and engaged 30 million donors all over the world.

Lizi has been blending psychology and digital innovation to drive impact for over 18 years - working with clients including UNICEF, the International Rescue Committee, The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Plan International, Oxfam, Save The Children, WaterAid and many others to raise billions, transform their culture, technology and programmes, and drive progress in the world.

A data evangelist and mentor to many leaders in the sector, Lizi is a frequent guest lecturer at the Bayes Business School's Centre for Charity Effectiveness, where she received her MSc in NGO Management, specialising in Marketing and Fundraising. She studied Social Sciences at LSE, and holds an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, where she explored the psychology of giving and information processing for social action.

She can be contacted via for any questions or session slides.