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Lucija Josipovic PANDAGIRL

Lucija Josipović


Lucija has more then 20 years of experience in communication and marketing, with deep knowledge of media landscape, advertising, PR tips and tricks, managing social content and brand awareness, leading the digital path. This resulted in being 1st brand in PR media placement for over 7 consecutive years, most used brand #avon in social media in Croatia in 2021, best influencer partner brand for 3 years in a row (voted by influencers), managing media negotiations with high discounts.

Corporate CSR/ESG focus is her passion: strategy and execution with sustainability, environment and humanitarian goals in place. Managed to be the part of donating more then 0,5M dollars in local causes, lead communications for global PeaceOneDay campaign for 74 countries, creating better workspace as Team lead in Global Women Network.

Working in non-profit organization brings further development of WWF non-profit with goals in fundraising and awareness but also overcoming individual fundraising mindsets and achieve continuing budget flow. Lucija is responsible for Individual fundraising in WWF Adria with focus on digital marketing: advertising, content, direct mailing, social media, web, creative, CRM analytics with reporting and planning.

As graphic designer she also help with creative, content, communications overall and this helps in fundraising activates, too.