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You told us you’d like more opportunities to connect with other Members – and we’ve listened!

In September 2023, we’ll host our very first members-only conference to inspire connection between Members and platform the fundraisers in our community achieving exceptional things!

As always, all Members will access the conference free of charge and be able to watch the content for as long as they’re Members.

As well as getting the usual (awesome) Fundraising Everywhere learning experience, attendees will also access,

  • Fundraiser matching service: tell us what you want to learn about and what you can share. We’ll match you with another Member that can help!
  • Digital fundraising skill workshops hosted by our partners.

PLUS all speakers at this event are Members, so you get to hear how charities around the world are leading their teams, what they’re prioritising in their fundraising activity, and what’s going on behind-the-scenes to make it all happen.

Sessions include:

  • ‘Fundraising Around the World’ – panel discussion with various WWF offices around the world
  • ‘Benchmarking: What the Data is Telling Us’ – a peek at the priorities of the UK’s top charities for 2023 and 2024
  • ‘Growing Charitable Giving’ – presented by the Chartered Institute of Fundraising
  • ‘How to Get Investment for Your Work’ – Crohn’s & Colitis UK
  • ‘Pocket-Sized Innovation’ – Blakely
  • ‘How Orgs Can Embrace Disability Inclusion’ – Scope
  • ‘Inverse Giving: Why Bad Publicity Can Sometimes Be Good News’ – Enthuse & Redfox Research
  • And more!

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You’ll be joining a great community of fundraisers including WWF International, Prostate Cancer UK, The Children’s Society, Mental Health UK, Alzheimer’s Research – and more – that trust us to train their team.


How to Get More Investment for Your Work & How to Write a Business Case
Tim Todhunter, Crohn’s & Colitis UK
Getting more investment is all about understanding your audience, developing your credibility and building your case. I’ve secured multi-million pound investments from various charity boards and will talk through what’s worked and what I’ve learned.

Growing Charitable Giving in the UK
Speaker: Charlotte Weatherley, Chartered Institute of Fundraising
Every year fundraisers raise billions of pounds for good causes, but there is a problem need to face – fewer people are donating to charity, and fewer people are reporting that they are being asked to give. It’s time we reverse these trends so that charities can keep delivering vital services and the communities they work with can thrive. This session will look at the initial research we have carried out into why charitable giving is in decline and the next steps in our research.

Making Magic Happen: Working With Charity Boards
Siân Nicholson, Worldwide Cancer Research
We’ve been on a journey with our board. Hear about the challenges we’ve had embedding individual giving at the heart of our charity, and where we’re headed next to diversify income.

Pocket-Sized Innovation
Speakers: Maeve Strathy & Megan Vandekerckhove, Blakely
It’s an age-old conundrum in the charitable sector – you want to innovate, but you have limited resources. We get it. And we can get you through it! Join us for ‘Pocket-Sized Innovation’, a session designed to empower fundraisers with small budgets to make significant impact through small, quick innovations. This session explores innovative strategies, practical ideas, and creative thinking that you can apply at your own organizations. We’ll share several examples of pocket-sized innovations from charities we’ve worked with, and what that meant for their program objectives. And we’ll prove together that innovation knows no financial boundaries!

How Organisations Can Embrace Disability Inclusion
Speakers: Sally Hooper & Elisabeth Ward, Scope
A talk exploring the social model of disability and creating a more inclusive workplace. Using lived experiences, Scope insight and expertise, we share steps that organisations can get started with around culture, accessibility and employment.

Learnings from Alcohol Change UK: maintaining fundraising momentum following their biggest year to date
Robin Plowman, Alcohol Change UK & Phoebe Sabin, JustGiving
Following their most successful Dry January campaign to date during the Covid-19 pandemic, discover how Alcohol Change UK: 1) find the balance between delivering a behaviour change campaign alongside fundraising, 2) maintain fundraising momentum through supporter engagement and stewardship, and 3) put past successes and learnings into practice post-pandemic.

Inverse Giving – why bad headlines can sometimes be good news
Speakers: Joanne Hodson, Enthuse & Angela Richmond, RedFox Research
Joanne Hodson, Customer Success Manager at Enthuse will be joined by Angela Richmond, Founder of RedFox Research to discuss inverse giving – a new trend identified in our latest Donor Pulse research. With nearly half of Gen Z (48%) donating to charity in response to criticism in traditional or social media, they will be focusing on how negative headlines can potentially galvanise support for charities, with donors coming to their defence.

Fundraising around the world
Kia Tzounos, WWF Australia, Lucija Josipović, WWF Adria, & Daniel Field, WWF UK
WWF colleagues from around the world share trends, opportunities and challenges they’re facing and how they’re overcoming them.

SOS – Save our Sanity: How to Make Savings of Time, Resource & Mind
Speaker: Sophia Stovall, English Heritage
We are all working at full capacity, tight deadlines, with often insufficient processes in place to support us. This costs us both time, money and energy. The outcome of this session if for you to take away insight, tools and tips that you can implement in your own day to day, or start to think about how to approach with colleagues to help ease your workload. I will touch on process mapping, reviewing workloads, CRM, reporting, infrastructure, Microsoft Office 365 and other ways I have found useful to keep me and the team on track.

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