Multi Award-Winning Neurodiversity Champion & Intersectionality Expert

Featured in Forbes for her pioneering work, Remi Ray is an influential high-performance coach and entrepreneur with a decade-long track record of empowering professionals and entrepreneurs. Renowned for her expertise in neurodiversity and intersectionality, Remi has become a sought-after speaker at major events, sharing her insights on stages at One Media, Natwest, GoCardless, and many more. Remi's diverse client base, including senior analysts, directors, project managers, and entrepreneurs, is united by a common goal: to effectively harness their neurodiverse strengths in a world that often overlooks the complexities of intersectionality. Drawing from her personal experiences of overcoming neurodiverse challenges, Remi is committed to advocacy and transformative change, reshaping perceptions and unlocking potential.

Remi's career took root in the dynamic world of fashion, where she emerged as a trailblazing figure. Her most notable achievement was the founding of The British Plus-size Fashion Weekend, an initiative that revolutionised the fashion industry and championed the principles of inclusivity and diversity. This groundbreaking event marked a turning point, catalysing the transformation of the plus-size segment into a thriving, billion-dollar industry. Remi's visionary approach has reshaped fashion trends and underscored the economic and cultural value of embracing diversity in all its forms. Her journey continued at Cass Business School and The British Library, where she played a pivotal role in business programme management during the pandemic, leading with digital transformation and international reach.

Recognised as one of the top 50 most influential neurodivergent women in the UK, Remi's contributions extend well beyond her accolades. In 2017, she founded The Diverse Creative CIC, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to societal change by raising nearly half a million pounds. This funding has been pivotal in driving projects at the intersection of neurodiversity, Dyslexia support, and broader community empowerment. Significantly, her efforts have been instrumental in supporting disabled entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources and guidance needed to thrive in the business world. Remi's work in this area not only empowers these entrepreneurs but also brings vital awareness to this community's
unique challenges and strengths.

As a business strategist and High-performance coach, Remi specialises in assisting neurodiverse clients, mainly focusing on the intersection of neurodiversity and other identity dimensions. Her approach is transformative, helping clients to overcome barriers, embrace their unique identities, and lead with their strengths in diverse professional landscapes.

Join Remi Ray on this transformative journey, where neurodiversity meets intersectionality, fostering growth, understanding, and empowerment environments.