Fundraising Objects

Wayne Murray


Wayne is founder of Humanity Squared. His focus is on innovation, transformation and human centred strategy. He has worked in the charity sector since last century, half charity side and half agency. He has held senior leadership roles for Amnesty International, Refugee Action and Prisoners abroad, where his focus was on step change, transformation and people power. His agency side roles has seen him work with over 100 charities and NGO's, all with the aim of connecting people ro causes they believe in, and mobilising them to drive positive change. He is also a trustee and leadership mentor. Wayne believes in the concept of 'humans, not hierarchy', and how collaboration and horizontal ways of working are the way forward. Wayne is a failed artist and a dreadful musician. He is also an aspiring human, husband, and father. He lives just outside of Brighton with 2 cats that hate each other.